Simone F. Dr. Marc gave me an adjustment and explained the various areas that he was adjusting. I have complete trust when under his care. He's very knowledgeable.

Robert P. Best in the state

Carol P. Great as always.

David B. Dr. Marc Dupuis is extremely knowledgeable and instills confidence from the first meeting. He has continued to monitor my health and nutrition and through the use of supplements for specific deficiencies in my bodily functioning and consultation on my diet, he has turned my life around. I feel so much better, have lost weight, have so much more energy, and have less pain. I am most grateful to Dr. Dupuis for all that he has done for me and for the way he makes me feel that I am the sole focus of his attention while I am in his office. He shows a sincere interest in my health and in making me feel even better than he has done so far.

Gloria M. Dr. Marc Dupuis has given me quality of life back! After many years it is a miracle and I am so grateful.

Heather P. Dr. Marc is very enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. I am so very pleased with my visit. I think I am most definitely on the best track to get Back to Health!!

Joanne H. Very knowledgeable, up to speed on new techniques and can be trusted to provide the right treatment

Paul P. Totally...wicked...AWESOME! Duh!

Anonymous Dr. Marc and everyone at Back to Health are the BEST. I have never felt better after going to see him. I highly recommend Back to Health Chiropractic!!!

Joel C. Would highly recommend

Paul P. It was totally wicked awesome!!

Anonymous Dr. Embrey is awesome!

Nancy W. Was very satisfied. I thought Dr. Jeneka was very knowledgeable and interested in what I had to say.

Lucinda M. I was very comfortable with my initial visit. Mark spent a lot of time explaining and listening. He was compassionate, thorough, and professional. I have already recommended him to others.

David P. You folks are great! So glad I found you! Special thanks to Dr. Jeneka for making Logan Basic available in this area and I'm totally amazed by her remarkable ability.

Lisa P. Very helpful as I was in so much pain on the first visit. I am very pleased with this office.

Jason S. The staff is great and has help me tremendously.

David B. Dr. Dupuis has been guiding me on my nutrition. He was very thorough in analyzing my health using both his examination, a questionnaire which I filled out, and in looking at test results from blood work that my family doctor had done prior to our first meeting. Dr. Dupuis thoroughly explained each thing that he did as he tested various bodily processes in a non-invasive manner. He set goals and provided nutritional guidance for me to follow using easily accessible foods supported by some nutritional supplements. Follow-up appointments were to check my progress which has been excellent. I am feeling so much better and have more energy than I have had in years. I have lost weight, sleep better, and am very impressed by the fact that Dr. Dupuis takes such a personal interest in my progress. I believe that Dr. Dupuis is not having me return for follow-up just for the sake of another appointment, but for real follow-up on my progress. Although I am buying supplements from his office, they are not expensive and are very few. In fact, when I was away and ran out of one supplement and purchased it on Amazon.com, it was more expensive than when I purchased it at Back to Health Chiropractic. I not only feel better, but people are telling me that I look better which I can only attribute to Dr. Dupuis's care and nutritional guidance.

Evelyn M. Dr. Marc is very knowledgeable very polite

Dorothy M. As always, Dr.Marc was very thorough and took plenty of time with me consulting on nutrition issues and support of my recovery from an illness several months ago.

Estelle C. Wonderful crew. Make you feel right at home.

Anonymous Dr. Marc and his staff are friendly and professional. I've been coming here for over 4 years now for monthly adjustments and I always feel better after.

John M. I've known the doctor for a long time . He listens and is very knowledgeable . Enjoy the visits and always feel better after

Scott M. Upon calling for an appointment at 8 a.m. I was told I could be seen at 10 a.m. Reception made my arrival very simple and Dr. Embrey took me within a few minutes. By the end of the session I was feeling much better. Dr. Embrey explained my situation and gave an excellent treatment to the injured area. Over the next few days the problem slowly became better, but in my past experience with Chiropractic, this is usually how it works when the area is in a severe state. After my second visit mobility and the ability to sleep became much easier because of eased pain. At this time I am looking forward to my third visit and will most likely make regular visits to keep my problem in check.

Evelyn L. Through, informative, and ethical.

Elise M. Still in awe at how quickly the one treatment relieved my shoulder and neck pain. Thank you!

Laurie R. Absolutely Awesome!!

Anonymous I have been a loyal client of Dr. Marc's and have highly recommended him to friends and colleagues over the years. He is knowledgeable and attentive and loves to teach and inform.

Elizabeth N. Helpful visit, as always. And I bring home gems of info for my health and well-being.

Joel C. I would highly recommend Drs. Marc and Jeneka. They are both awesome at what they do. My back and neck pain is almost completely gone since I started treatment.

Joyce K. As always Mark is easy to understand and is a good at what he does.

Patricia D. Nothing but the very best of care

Anonymous Everyone makes you feel at welcomed. It's so nice to walk into a smile from all the staff. Dr. Jeneka is amazing; she listens to what you are saying and puts together a great plan for your body! I never thought I would like chiropractic work but I love it! I leave feeling SO much better! Thank you!

Benjamin L. Dr. Marc is knowledgeable and great with kids! He has really helped our son with his nutritional needs.

Anonymous Excellent care

Peggy G. Love feeling great after seeing dr. Mark and all his help!!!!! Peggy

Suzanne L. I absolutely love "back to health chiropractic." Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming. I feel like I've been going there for years and today was only my second visit. Thanks to a friend who recommended me, I am feeling great again and look forward to continually going for routine adjustments! :)

Kathleen R. I couldn't be more satisfied with the care I get from Dr. Mark, as well as the office personnel. They are professional, thorough and Dr. Mark has helped me tremendously!!!!

Patricia D. The best care one can receive...lots of integrity and know-how as well as sincere interest in your well-being. Highly recommend!

Janet H. Dr. Marc is the best.

Shirley R. Initial evaluation. Good, thorough, competent -

David P. Where to start? I was referred here a few years ago due to some lower back pain. I have RA, have had a herniated disk, have degenerative disc disease, however I was hopeful that this avenue could bring some relief, after all, some things are within our control. I have always been skeptical (based on what I had heard) about the chiropractic field! After my first few visits the skepticism was no longer present! I am a huge commuter, some weeks approaching 1000 miles worth of driving and believe that some of my issues are definitely related to commuting, airline travel and other 'not so ergonomically correct' positions. Every time I leave after my appointment I feel great. There may be a couple of days after the appointment while your body adapts to the corrections made in the office (slight amounts of pain)?ALL depends on how long your body has been compensating (trying to correct itself) but I love this place!! The staff is awesome!!

Elizabeth N. I look forward to going back (when I have the extra money).

Anonymous Dr. Marc and his staff are wonderful. Always very helpful and full of great information along with treatment. I love getting a detailed explanation of exactly what is going on with my issue. Would recommend him highly.

Joey-Lynn R. Always an awesome visit!!

Anonymous Dr. Marc is well-formed on nutritional matters as well as chiropractic methods. His treatments address my problem areas and have always relieved my pain and resolved the issues. He has never made me feel uncomfortable b/c of being overweight. A tremendous gift! Dr. Marc is professional, friendly and always helpful. I would (and do) highly recommend him. Evelyn

Jaime L. Great place! The staff is so friendly and helpful.

Robert P. Fantastic visit. Great help.

Anonymous Very attentive and professional

Angela M. Any time I have an issue with my back or neck, I always call Back to Health Chiropractic. They get me in quickly and I always walk out of there feeling so much better than when I went in! I've recommended many of my friends and family!

Anne D. Excellent care. Dr. Dupuis is up to date with scientifically foundational physiology of the body and is attentive to caring for your specific needs. Highly recommend.

Danika W. I never feel rushed with Dr. marc. He takes his time, always does a thorough intake of both how you’re feeling and how your body feels. Mind and body are healed and there's usually some other tidbit--nutrition advice, an interesting new study, suggestion for physical activity or exercise. It feels like I'm seeing a holistic practitioner, a person invested and interested in my whole health.

Kristen G. I would highly recommend Dr. Marc and the staff at BTHC. They are always accommodating and welcoming. Doctor Marc exudes positive energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. He takes the time to answer my questions, explain the cause of my symptoms, and what more I can do to sustain my good health and avoid triggering further injury.

Anonymous Wonderful and knowledgeable!!

Carol T. Very pleased with treatment and recommendation for new footwear.

Kathleen R. Outstanding service from beginning to end!!! Arrive stiff and in pain and I leave feeling like myself again. Thank you so much :-)

Benjamin L. Knowledgeable, understanding, friendly and informative. Great with kids!

Rosaleen P. My appointment at Back to Health was a great experience. Marc Dupuis and staff are absolutely fabulous. I felt very comfortable and knew I was in good hands. I would recommend Back to Health to everyone I know.

Carol P. Fantastic

Patricia D. I always feel I have been given the very best of care...for my individual needs.

Susan F. Dr. Marc - Great job putting me back in place. And my thumb that was aching most of the time now feels quite awesome...It's amazing how much better if feels after your therapy. It still feels a little twinge once in a while...... but very minor and it happens when I'm probably using it more than I should- Thank you, Susan