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Back to Health Chiropractic PC is pleased to welcome Dr. David Doiron as the newest member of our health care team! 

Dr. Doiron, a native of Sanford, Maine, holds advanced training in Sports Science & Rehabilitation as well as certification in Active Release techniques (ART®) and Graston® soft tissue mobilization.  He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  Pleased to be done the educational process and excited to help the community, Dr. Doiron looks forward to working alongside Dr. Marc Dupuis at Back to Health Chiropractic Clinic.

Dr. Doiron’s evaluation and treatments mainly focus on restoring motion and mobility in the spine and extremities while addressing soft tissue dysfunction through specific stretching protocols and functional exercise prescription. Although much of Dr. Doiron’s training has been focused on athletes, the common denominator is that all people can benefit from having a more sport specific approach to treatment.

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