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With another flu season fast approaching, add these 4 Super foods to your diet that will bolster your immune system!  Despite the Massive marketing campaigns on television, radio stations and store fronts urging you to get the flu shot for the sake of your “loved one” research has not found it to be effective.  What IS known is that the vaccine industry makes Millions and Millions of dollars each and every year, just think of how much money they spend on all of those ads!!  If the flu vaccines actually worked as well as they say it does, why would they have to implement all of these marketing strategies, many based on fear?!?! When the Science does not support the claims, fear tactics become more and more prevalent.

So here they are, the 4 super foods that have Proven to Improve you Immune System:

1.Garlic.  2. Green Tea.  3. Blueberries.  4. Raw Honey

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