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What started out as tools to count our daily steps, the next generation of wearable activity monitors are doing much more.  The big trend in today’s monitors is calorie counting.  With more and more people relying on these devices to monitor their daily fitness, one needs to ask, “Just how accurate are these devices?”.

This is the question that the researchers wanted to know in today’s featured study:

Validity of Consumer-Based Physical Activity Monitors for Specific Activity Types. M.Nelson et al.
The official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine
Volume 48 Number 8 August 2016


Step counting was accurate in all models tested, however, the estimated calorie burn was not good at all.  They were okay at estimating calories at rest, however, when the people wearing these monitors were doing virtually any activity, all units significantly OVERESTIMATED the calories burned by a whopping 16%-40%

This can get us into serious trouble if we are relying on this data when determining how much we should eat, especially after activities!  The main issue is with the mathematical formulas or algorithms that are used to make the calculation.  They are not sophisticated enough to allow for individual variables such as health, fitness level etc.

The answer for those that really want to track their calorie burn is to purchase a unit that can actually measure ones heart rate.  Measuring heart rate to determine calorie burn is a much more reliable way to see what we are actually burning vs relying on an algorithm.

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Our first weekly yoga class has been scheduled for Wednesdays from 7:30 am to 8:30 am. This weekly class will begin next week on April 27th 2016.  This is a great class for ALL levels! 

This class will feature a gentle style of Lyengar Yoga with attention paid to posture and alignment in the poses to decrease stress in the joints and muscles.  Participants will learn to pay attention to their alignment to break old postural habits that may cause pain or discomfort.  Each person is encouraged to work at their own ability and given appropriate options to postures as needed. 

Sign up is a breeze and can be done with your smart phone or tablet!  Visit your app store and download the FREE MINDBODY app today.  Once you have the app you can sign up and purchase one class at a time or save money with our discounted 10 visit class packages.  For additional information on the app visit

The class will be lead by Laura Beauchesne, who has over 15 years experience as a certified yoga instructor and is also a practicing physical therapist.