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How many commercials do we see each day that depict happy people doing things they could never have dreamed of without the help of whatever wonder drug the commercial is pitching, only to hear at the end of the commercial a laundry list of horrific possible side effects of this wonder drug?  Do you ever wonder how so many of these toxic drugs actually get approval for use? 

Well, a recent article in Newsweek exposes a major trick that virtually all drug companies use.  They simply hide data that is not supportive of their new drugs.  The obvious result of this type of behavior is devastating to unsuspecting patients (more appropriately called victims) but is a windfall to the companies that reap the benefits of these newly approved, often ridiculously priced toxic drugs. 

Click on the link below for additional information, I think many will be surprised about one such drug our own government has spent millions of dollars stockpiling, Tamiflu.  Tamiflu has been used extensively in an attempt to combat the flu, many doctors and even more patients will be shocked to learn the lethal side effects many have experienced from Tamiflu.  And what should not be surprising is this fact:  If the manufacturer of Tamiflu, Roche, published all their data, it would have showed that Tamiflu does not even come close to providing the benefits that were promised!   Tamiflu did NOTHING to prevent hospitalizations from the flu.  On average those that were helped by Tamiflu only had their symptoms last for ONE less day than compared to those not taking this drug.  How much information did Roche hide?  Roche hid over 100,000 pages of reports from 70 clinical trials for Tamiflu.  Until those responsible for such unethical practices are prosecuted as the criminals that they are, we are sure to continue to see case after case of similar shortcomings in the world of big Pharma.  In the case of Tamiflu, would you take the risk of death in order to have one less day of flu symptoms?

Read about the highly effective marketing strategies that drug companies are using each and every day in an attempt to get as many of us as possible on their extremely profitable drugs.  The sad news here is that science is showing the vast majority of “blockbuster drugs” are not even necessary!!!

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By contactus
February 07, 2012
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We all think that our Doctors have our best interest in mind, but do they really? It has been found that big name pharmaceutical companies have been bribing doctors for years to use their drugs. Although the vacations and dinners at 5 star restaurants have ceased, they are still being played in a variety of ways. One common approach involves asking doctors to speak about the benefits of drugs provided by pharmaceutical companies and then being paid significantly for their time and travel. Resent studies have found some cases where, after speaking and being paid the Physician’s own prescription writing for drug that they spoke of greatly increased benefitting the pharmaceutical companies with over $100,000 in additional sales. This is a blatant conflict of interest.  These physicians often use presentations complete with slides and reference points that have been provided by the pharmaceutical companies involved.

Coming in 2013, all doctors that speak about pharmaceutical drugs are going to be placed on a government website. So all patients can know if their doctor is potentially being swindled into thinking that the drug they just spoke about is the new “miracle” drug.

For more information and to see if Your Doctor is cashing in by speaking about drugs follow this link