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A new study in the Journal Cancer Research has found that woman with the highest levels of cadmium exposure saw a 21 percent increase in breast cancer risk compared with women that had the lowest levels of cadmium exposure.  Cadmium is a heavy metal contaminant that is found in many chemical fertilizers that are often used by large factory farms.  Smaller local farms that maintain their soils by crop rotating practices can provide safer produce without the danger of toxic laden chemical fertilizers.  Since 1980 the Environmental Protection Agency has recognized hair as one of the choice tissues to analyze in determining toxic metal exposure.  Call our office today at 207-324-7098 for more information on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

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This is an Absolute MUST WATCH VIDEO in which David Diamond Ph.D. explains his own journey in researching the TRUTH behind heart disease, obesity and cholesterol that began when he was overweight and diagnosed with high cholesterol.  As a research scientist, he was not ready to accept the notion that taking a drug for the rest of his life was the only way to prevent heart disease.  Therefore he dedicated himself to studying all of the research that has been done on these topics and what he found will shock you! 

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March 20, 2012
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Both Coke and Pepsi have been found to contain High Levels of the carcinogen (cancer causing chemical) 4-methylimidazole (4-MI).  This chemical is formed during the reactions that occur when making the caramel food dye that is used in these two extremely popular sodas.  Perhaps what is most alarming is that the Food and Drug Administration does NOT REQUIRE this carcinogen to be in the soda’s label! 

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Dr. Wayne Dyer, the international best-selling author of more than 30 books, including The Power of Intention, recently shared his thoughtson the health care crisis facing the United States and credited the chiropractic profession with having many of the necessary answers.  

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The nonprofit Consumers Union has found that chicken in most grocery stores is more likely to be contaminated with drug resistant E. coli than not!  What is concerning is that this type of drug resistant E. coli is becoming more and more common in women suffering from urinary tract infections!  Simply put: Large scale factory farms where chickens are kept in overcrowded, dirty, environments are not healthy for them and they are not healthy food choices for us!  Buy organic chicken whenever possible or from a local farm where you can see for yourself if the environment is safe for raising healthy chicken!  

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