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By contactus
February 27, 2012
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Infantile colic has been found to affect anywhere from 25-40% of infants. Most babies will outgrow it by about 12 weeks of age but some continue to suffer. Inconsolable babies can take a toll of the parents and care takers of the little one so maybe it’s time to explore some other options besides home remedies and drugs.

Research has found that Chiropractic treatment can decrease the severity of infantile colic and in a number of cases completely cure infantile colic.  Chiropractic adjustments for infants are safe, gentle and non-invasive. 

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By contactus
February 22, 2012
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Ever thought your cholesterol medication would affect your peripheral nerves? New research shows that with prolonged treatment with statin medications there is often long term damage done to peripheral nerves.

Cholesterol medications are not always necessary. Cholesterol levels have not been proven to be the factor leading to heart disease. With taking medications there are always unknown side effects, but with cholesterol medications there are many conditions that can be linked with the use of these drugs. Along with increased peripheral nerve damage, statin drugs also increases your chance by 50% for acquiring diabetes.  If you or someone you know has developed peripheral nerve damage or are becoming diabetic, look into your history and remember statin medications can lead to these conditions!

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By contactus
February 07, 2012
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We all think that our Doctors have our best interest in mind, but do they really? It has been found that big name pharmaceutical companies have been bribing doctors for years to use their drugs. Although the vacations and dinners at 5 star restaurants have ceased, they are still being played in a variety of ways. One common approach involves asking doctors to speak about the benefits of drugs provided by pharmaceutical companies and then being paid significantly for their time and travel. Resent studies have found some cases where, after speaking and being paid the Physician’s own prescription writing for drug that they spoke of greatly increased benefitting the pharmaceutical companies with over $100,000 in additional sales. This is a blatant conflict of interest.  These physicians often use presentations complete with slides and reference points that have been provided by the pharmaceutical companies involved.

Coming in 2013, all doctors that speak about pharmaceutical drugs are going to be placed on a government website. So all patients can know if their doctor is potentially being swindled into thinking that the drug they just spoke about is the new “miracle” drug.

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